QUESTION: Can I do the Gospel at Home by myself?

· ANSWER: Yes, the Gospel at Home creates magnetic defenses in our homes leaving the environment with positive energy, which discourages all evil actions, thus benefiting all the residents of the house. Joanna de Angelis tells us that the benefits of the Gospel at Home surpass the environment of the house and that it is by the light of the Gospel that “personal dramas, unfortunate occurrences, fears and disagreements give place to brotherly understanding, reciprocal charity, patience and love”. It is because of these factors that one should not give up or be discouraged from practicing the Gospel at Home, especially when it is done without the company of family or friends, since we are never alone, the spirits are present because just like us they need to listen to the Gospel to reduce their errors, they need elucidation and consolation. If possible, even when alone “physically”, always read/speak out loud, the Gospel at Home is an invitation for the inner reformation in the fraternal coexistence of our home. Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew chap.18:20). In this sentence Jesus removes all doubts of us being alone, he spoke not of the physical, but of the spiritual presence. For we are never alone when speaking of Jesus or God, we can be alone physically, but not spiritually. That’s why Jesus pronounced that sentence. Jesus is always present.

QUESTION: How to explain having a child that went to the spiritist center since he was small and now doesn’t believe in anything?

· ANSWER: There are natural and legitimate causes. During the growth stage, there are natural periods of disturbance, such as that of the “subjective expansion”, known as the “discovery of outer reality”. Pain arises from “the loss of the ideal parents”, when the idealized and magical image collides with reality. In regard to the youngster’s evasion in the spiritist house, we must not forget that it is natural to rebel against the competent authority in this period of their life. At this stage the youngsters are constantly evaluated and learn to evaluate the faith of the family. At discovering “make-believe” spiritist parents they feel frustrated. The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes a teenager and will become an adult when he can forgive them.

On the other hand, there are other causes for evasion:

Very often they find speeches that fall short of their anxieties and uninteresting meetings in the light of their own experiences.

When they find subjects that incite their curiosity, they also realize that these studies are administered and ministered by well-meaning preachers, but need adjustments in the way the work is conducted, such as, formulating goals and selecting strategies adequate to the youngster’s reality.

Another legitimate cause is the encounter of contradictions. What is preached is not experienced at the Spiritist Center. The parents’ behavior is even easier to observe. They feel betrayed when they learn that they must love their neighbor, but their parents do not live according to this precept. 

Parents may be faced with a spirit that is still short-sighted for spiritual matters. Therefore, this youngster may be in search of something he’s not yet aware of, requiring much work and attention from the parents and the Spiritist Center so that he may find himself and becomes intimately identified with the teachings and the doctrine.


QUESTION: Are bad influences always exerted by disagreements?

· ANSWER: These questions from the Spiritist’s Book answer this query well. 


466. Why does God permit spirits to incite us to evil?


"Imperfect spirits are used by Providence as instruments for trying men's faith and constancy in well-doing. You, being a spirit, must advance in the knowledge of the infinite. It is for this end that you are made to pass through the trials of evil in order to attain to goodness. Our mission is to lead you into the right road. When you are acted upon by evil influences, it is because you attract evil spirits to you by your evil desires, for evil spirits always come to aid you in doing the evil you desire to do; they can only help you to do wrong when you give way to evil desires. If you are inclined to commit murder, you will have about you a swarm of spirits who will keep this inclination alive in you; but you will also have others about you who will try to influence you for good, which restores the balance, and leaves you of your decision." It is thus that God leaves to our conscience the choice or the road we decide to follow, and the liberty of yielding to one or other of the opposing influences that act upon us.

467. Can we free ourselves from the influence of the spirits who incite us to evil?


"Yes; for they only attach themselves to those who attract them by the evil nature of their thoughts and desires."

468. Do spirits, whose influence is repelled by our will, renounce their temptations?


"What else can they do? When they see that they cannot accomplish their aim, they give up the attempt; but they continue to watch for a favorable moment, as the cat watches for the mouse."

469. By what means can we neutralize the influence of evil spirits?


"By doing only what is right, and putting all your trust in God, you repel the influence of inferior spirits, and prevent them from obtaining power over you. Take care not to listen to the suggestions of spirits who inspire you with evil thoughts, stir up discord among you, and excite in you evil passions. Distrust especially those who flatter your pride, for, in so doing, they attack you on your weakest side. This is why Jesus makes you say in the Lord's Prayer, 'Let us not succumb to temptation, but deliver us from evil.'"

QUESTION: Why do babies and children up to 7 years old suffer influence from the spiritual world?

· ANSWER: According to the Spiritist Doctrine, the reincarnation process only ends at around 7 years of age. Until then the child is linked to both the spiritual and the physical worlds. That is why in childhood there are phenomena of various categories, but sometimes it may be that suffering spirits inhabit the same place where the child lives, and even if they do not want to cause harm, they can provoke fear and generate crying. Besides that, there are those (spirits) who want to scare the child to punish someone in the family.

QUESTION: Besides trying to keep our vibrations in harmony, is there be a plan B to become immune to the interference of lower-level energy? 

· ANSWER: Not that I am aware of.


QUESTION:  I would like you to explain how to act when you realize that there’s an obsessor with a person who does not know Spiritism. How to act in order to alert and help?

· ANSWER: Ask the person to observe themselves during the attitudes that appear strange so that he/she may perceive some inconvenience he/she may be causing and also help with prayers.


QUESTION: I had the opportunity to be born into a family with 18 children, because of this we had to learn very early to be close and to share the little we had.  I consider myself very privileged to have learned values that followed me throughout my life. My father and older brother have passed away and I can feel their influence to this day. My question is about the people that didn’t have the same opportunity, those that were born into wealthy families with issues of selfishness, besides others, generated by money. 

· ANSWER: The spirits know the domain where they will live and come in the environment to strengthen themselves or to support those who have received them. There will always be room for spirits to progress. Sometimes the children are the ones who help the parents and sometimes the parents help the children.



QUESTION: Can the influence of spirits guide our destinies, or does it often depend on the environment where we are?

· ANSWER: The spirits can guide us if we are inattentive, but there will always be an opportunity to get back to the right direction and to acquire a sincere faith. The environment holds a huge influence, but determined spirits overcome all difficulties and succeed.