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Word Searches, Raffles, Project Samuel and More!

Dear Sponsors, Good morning with joy. 🌷

This class was about Jonas’s story. We used an apron filled with illustrations.

We spoke about obedience to God who created us and that he loves everyone, including those we don’t appreciate much. And that is how it was with Jonas.

There was a painting activity. 🎨

Lunch Time! 😋

Children returning to Samuel’s Project.

Path that children take to meet us. It is difficult, but God's people don't give up easily.

Our day was very special. They are learning to write their own names. We made a very cool painting.

Working with the older children to hunt for words on fun word search puzzles using images as a guide.

Teacher Zete with the little ones!🎈

A raffle of backpacks. 🎟️🍀🤞🎒

Thank you Lord!🙏Please make us more capable everyday to do this work!!! A moment of gathering with the parents of the children from Projeto Samuel.

The day when baskets of basic needs are distributed to the New Hope Community. Happy day…meals on the table!


"Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance." (Francis of Assisi)


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