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Maíque & Kevelyn's Family

After arriving at grandma Marinalva's house, I saw the children down and sad. I heard that the mother of the children, Leleu, and one of the brothers started to fight inside the house and went out into the street tangled up in a deplorable scene. All this because of a simple pirated DVD that Leleu put an end to.

I left the house worried, as the children witness many scenes of violence. Days before, the father beat Leleu in front of the house where they live. She was left with a deformed face, unable to open her eyes, and more physiological consequences.

I spoke with Mara, and she suggested that I look for Ricardo, to ask that he go there to speak a little about peace and respect between the families and invite them to attend the Spiritist Center. Ricardo then had a long conversation with the mom and daughter. He emphasized the importance of them living in harmony and about the responsibility to the seven children.

After two days, I saw Grandma Marinalva again, and she told me that the situation was calmer. As we've said before, this is a very unstable family dynamic. Marinalva is a very strong hard-working woman, but has been feeling tired and exhausted, taking care of seven children is no easy task, especially with dysfunctional parents.

I have concluded that the main reason for the disagreements between Marinalva and her daughter Leleu is a minimum wage received from the government by Akson, one of Maique's brothers who is chronically mentally ill. Marinalva receives the money and buys food and medicine. However, Leleu wants to receive the money to buy whatever she wants. This causes terrible tension & disharmony between them. Leleu said she stopped using drugs about four months ago. She gained over ten pounds. Sometimes she gets depressed and feels a compulsion to eat sweets. She needs a lot of strength to be free from chemical dependency.

The children are very happy at school. They already have their best friends, and have adapted well. Maique is a sweet boy, grateful for everything, and never demands anything. Unlike her brother, Kevelyn is quite angry with life. On the day we took the children to the shoe store at the beginning of classes, she wanted a branded shoe. We purchase good shoes for everyone, none better than the other, all within our financial means. I have been spoken to her a lot about simplicity, but only with time, she will be able to feel loved and valued. I ask you all that you send a lot of positive energy to these families.

That God may bless all for all the good that you do for these children.


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