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The Good News about Damião's Family!

When Mr. Faustino (Damião's father) came to get his food basket donation, he told me that he made a big dream come true: buying a cow!!! This was only possible thanks to all of your help and this beautiful program. Do you know how? The donation of food allowed him to save up some money he receives from the Bolsa Família (government) and also through the sale of a few farm products such as green coconut and annatto. Mr. Faustino was very happy and said that now he will continue to save up to buy a bull. However, we suggested to him it would probably be best to buy another cow, as it provides milk for food and in case there's any leftover, he can even sell. Additionally, Mr. Faustino could also take her to the neighbor's pasture for crossing, by mutual agreement.

The other good news that Mr. Faustino told us is that due to the federal government's 'Luz para Todos' program, very soon they will have electricity, and then we will be able to help them so that water reaches the shack.


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