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July News!

Dear Friends and Sponsors,

Wishing you all a good afternoon full of joy 🌷

Basket Delivery on 07/28:

Consultations with Dr Vicente and screenings with his nurse:

Project Samuel

On the 20th, despite the rain, we carried out the Samuel Project! Our hearts were warm because we yearn to see these children reading and writing. It was a blessed morning as usual. The Lord's mercies do not depart from us despite our limitations. Prayer time!

We continue the study of the syllabic family GA.

On the 22nd,

we took a doctor to the Samuel Project families. It was a blessing!

On the 23rd,

we had the presence of teachers Naama, Fernanda and Vitória. They taught a class at the Samuel Project ❤️

Teacher Fernanda

continued to tell the story of the lost sheep and how Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

Teachers Naama e Vitória

did an English review with the children, and applied painting and speaking activities with the new words they learned.

Play Time!¡

We took the children of the Samuel Project to the Circus!🤡🎪🤹🏼‍♂️❤️

They loved it❤️. Time to laugh and have a lot of fun!

With Clowns, Sweets, and Nutella🤡🎪🤹🏼‍♂️❤️

"A flame loses nothing by lighting another flame." - African Proverb


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