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🌷Life will bring us news that makes us feel like benefactors, that makes us feel worthy, and that seems to align us with the sublime corner of the Universe. Larissa sent us the following message with amazing news.🌟


“Good Night Norma,

I know my dad has already told you, but I wanted to also say it myself. 😄

School life is a continuous line, where fundamental education connects to high school and sometimes even college, and if today I’ve been accepted and given a place at my dream university, there are several things for which I am grateful, and the sponsorship I received is most definitely one of those things.🥰

Very soon I’ll be walking through UESC’s corridors, getting my degree in Computer Science! 🤩

Again, I Thank you!🤍”

We also received the following message from Larissa's father, Sérgio.

Sérgio (Larissa's Father):

“ We are so grateful to you, Norma, and the Sponsorship Program for the opportunity given to Larissa in continuing her studies in the private network, during such a delicate moment that we were going through during the occasion.

You all were fundamental in this conquest.

Thank you so much

We are eternally grateful to God and all of you.”

With immense happiness, we are sending good vibrations to Larissa for this great achievement.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.…” - João 10.10


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