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Love & Light Sponsorship Program

Our program sponsors children and families on the outskirts of Valença (Bahia - Brazil) and in the nearby countryside. We have three types of contribution: food, health and education. The education sector covers: tuition, materials, food, uniforms, tutoring, ballet classes, sports and school parties. More than 20 families benefit from a monthly food donation. We also donate clothes and try to meet other urgent needs whenever possible. 

With the Humanitarian Inclusion Sponsorship we try to offer relief to those who are vulnerable and troubled by the moral and structural challenges that are due to poverty and/or deprivation. We also help special children with autism by keeping them in programs of psycho-pedagogy therapy and we care for children and families via these institutions, namely:

- Organizaçao Social Mais Vida. This organization donates resources and helps to maintain 80 children who are in soccer school and 40 children who attend guitar classes.

- CAVS (Centro de Assistência e Valorização Social). Provides the donation of guitars and financing for the music program.

- AMA: Parents and Friends of the Autism Association.

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